Promote your music is a Free Music promotion service, photo sharing and instant messaging system.
If you are a singer, a band, a musician or anything else and want your music to be heard by many many people from all over the world, this could be a good chance for you.

Our privacy terms are very simple

  • Contents are shared by users using the Musicamera Android app and Musical Photos app
  • The user can decide whether to publish hers/his photos as public or private, the user can unpublish his/hers contents any time using the Musicamera app.
    Your avatar (profile image) will be visible within the app and on, same for your nickname, country, profile’s intro and website (that you can choose to leave empty).
    Public photos and music will be published on, such contents could be indexed by google, yahoo and all the others search engines around.

To us, everyone’s privacy is sacred.

  • Unlike the great majority of SNS and sharing services WE DON’T CONSIDER USERS’ DATA AND PROFILES AS PART OF OUR BUSINESS.
  • We are not using users’ data for any other purpose than allow users to use the service.
  • We do not do any kind of profiling/advertising targeting or any kind of marketing processes on users’ profiles.
  • We don’t keep copies of the users’ messages and we delete them as soon they are not necessary any more (e.g. read by recipient).

Same for respect:

  • The user is responsible for the the uploaded data such as ownership, rights to publish etc.
  • If you are the owner of material you think someone published without having the rights, please send us an email at copyright at
  • Uploading contents related to racism, violence, sex that could be offensive for a single or a group of people is NOT ALLOWED and will be removed, please report any abuse at abuse at